Monday, February 27, 2012

Food Glorious Food

Sample of what I got this week at the food bank around the corner at St. Clements church. Not to shabby. Also got some potatoes, bag of day old bread, greens and some canned pineapple juice. Boy oh boy I'll eat good this week.

In case you can't tell or you don't know me very well, that was about as sarcastic as I get. Most of the stuff they give you is loaded with carbs and I am not supposed to eat a lot of that. I either can't eat it or I have to take the medication that I don't have a lot of and can't afford to get more of. Food stamps just don't go that far here in the Big Apple where the apples cost big bucks. Oh and they are turning off the electric this week. Yea for reading by candle light.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Family ties

Sometimes it amazes me how 5 people who were raised in the same household could grow up so different. I guess that makes an argument for nurture vs nature or does it? We all came from the same 'nature' and for the most part had the same 'nurture'. So how does one become an atheist, one a bible thumper, one a cult member, one an athlete and one an activist. I would never say that each of these descriptions is an all-inclusive definition of any one of us as we also have things in common. We all have a strong mid-western work ethic, a love of family and a stubborness when defending our beliefs.

I always believed that conversation and communication were an important part of being human. I love a in-depth discussion with my friend Matt talking about movies we have seen. Coming from different generations we almost always see the movie from a completely different perspective. When we watched "Forrest Gump" I felt nostalgic a
nd he saw a history lesson.

Lately, there seems to be a problem keeping the discussions civil within the family unit. Everything deteriorates into insults, CAPS and hurt feelings. I don't like having some members of my family, extended or otherwise, at odds with each other or, even worse, not willing to talk to or see each other. Some of these behaviors have been going on for a while and some have just bubbled to the surface. Is the younger generation being influenced by the older? (nurture) Is it Facebook that is really the enemy? I would like people to remember that gossip is NOT A FACT. If you were not there, don't assume the first story you hear about something is the truth. There are always 2 sides (or maybe even more).

My mother was a great peace maker. I think if she were still here with us that a lot of this would not be happening. I also believe that if she were alive, she would be supportive of my effort at Occupy Wall Street and even participate in the effort to make this country and this world a better place to live in. She was like that. Happy Birthday Mom, a few days early but I have been thinking about you a lot lately. I hope you got the note I sent on the smoke of the palm fire tied to the strings of my heart.

Friday, February 17, 2012

It started as a skirt...

Well, I've been knitting on this thing all day and it no longer looks like a skirt, it is starting to look like a cape. I know what you are thinking, the only difference between a skirt and a cape is where you wear it but it will make a difference in how I list it for sale.

Monday, February 13, 2012

The winter blahs

Another day gone and what did I do?  I made a killer pot of soup, nice and filling for a cold day in February.  I took a nap, well it is Sunday right?  I sorted out a bag of yarn and planned 2 projects and now I am going to settle down with a new book and fall asleep at a decent hour for a change.  Good night all and sleep tight.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Hard at work

Got a new blog for our WG.  Our group member David is really good at this techie stuff, I am not.  Thank you David.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Timing is everything

I got up in front of a lot of people tonight at the GA and stated my proposal (that had a good amount of support or so I thought).  There was a frivolous block and then it didn't pass modified consensus.  Lo and behold, a similar proposal later in the evening did pass.  Well I guess if you try enough times, people will finally listen.