Sunday, September 30, 2007

Spending too much time in the forums on Etsy will make you forget you have food in the oven!
Friday Sept. 21st 2007 and every Sept. 21st is the United Nations International Day of Peace and Ceasefire. This year I was in NYC so...

Here is my story.

I made my flag to honor the International Day of Peace and I walked from 9th Ave and 45th street where I was staying to the United Nations building. Along the way I got many thumbs up and smiles from most of the people I passed. When I arrived at the UN building I did not see any signs that prohibited me from walking up and down in front of the building, which I did until some guards came and informed me I had to go across the street to demonstrate. One of the guards said to me "Peace, who cares about that?" and when I asked him if he knew that today was the United Nations, officially declared, Day of Peace and Ceasefire he replied that they had been briefed. This lead me to believe that he didn't know about it before he showed up for work that day. Many other people in the street asked me about it and I explained what the day meant to me. On two separate occasions someone started singing "All we are saying, is give Peace a chance"(by John Lennon). I watched two men walk by that had tags on indicating they also worked in the building and one said to the other "Oh yeah, it's Peace Day" in a tone of voice that was very dismissive. Just as I was about to leave the area and continue my walk around Times Square I met a woman who was kind enough to take the pictures you see on Flickr. She said she knew the creators of the movie that had inspired me to make my commitment on the website "Peace One Day" and carry my flag all around midtown Manhattan last Friday. Thank you Donna for the wonderful conversation we had. I hope to go back next year and do it all again.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Here I am with my Peace One Day flag outside the UN on the International Day of Peace. I almost got arrested for being peaceful, go figure.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Well, I'm back from my trip to the Big Apple. It was hard not to have a computer for 3 weeks. I have stories to tell and pics to up load. More later